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Conceal your weapon by securing it at home

In 2015, the state of Florida laid claim to the title of the state with the most concealed weapons permits on record. Filing nearly 1.4 million licenses, Florida's permit holders led those applicants in Pennsylvania and Texas. Addressing these 1.4 million permit owners who store their arms at home are campaigns to promote safety awareness. If you or someone you know stores a gun at home, here are three tips that will enhance security at your residence.

1. Be informed

To prevent accidental injury from discharge, it is recommended that gun owners enroll in a firearm safety class. This training is typically provided by NRA or state certified instructors who are qualified to teach others how to use firearms. Courses review firearm safety, loading and handling gun malfunctions. Having enrolled in these programs, permit holders learn about the responsibility that gun owners have to themselves and those around them when carrying their firearm. Additionally, when manuals are provided with the firearm, it's incumbent on the gun owner to read the literature to provide further education.

2. Secure your firearm

In the home, it is the gun owner's duty to secure the weapon in a locked safe. Although the gun may be isolated in a vault, it is also necessary to remove any ammunition from the firearm. Ammunition should be placed in a separate location.

3. Educate your family members

The firearm tragedies that find their way into the news usually unfold when children have access to loaded firearms. Confusing real guns with toy firearms can have deadly results. This is why it's necessary to educate children on gun safety. Project ChildSafe provides safety kits, videos and other resources to children throughout Florida.

While it is your right to own a gun, it is your responsibility to secure it when it is not in use. Help keep your family and friends safe by ensuring that you store your handguns in a locked location.

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