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September 2016 Archives

Conceal your weapon by securing it at home

In 2015, the state of Florida laid claim to the title of the state with the most concealed weapons permits on record. Filing nearly 1.4 million licenses, Florida's permit holders led those applicants in Pennsylvania and Texas. Addressing these 1.4 million permit owners who store their arms at home are campaigns to promote safety awareness. If you or someone you know stores a gun at home, here are three tips that will enhance security at your residence.

The "potalyzer": Detecting marijuana intoxication with saliva samples

If you have read our February blog post that provided an update on potential changes coming to Florida's marijuana laws, you can add HB 307 to the list of Florida laws that relate to marijuana possession. This past March, Gov. Rick Scott signed into legislation HB 307, which legalizes the use of medical marijuana for select circumstances. Additionally, registered voters in Florida will be able show their support this November for Amendment 2, legislation that supports the creation of a medical marijuana program in Florida.

Lessening prison's impact through the youthful offenders program

Perhaps your child was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong friends. When he was convicted of his crime, you knew that your son needed to make amends for what he had done; however, you know prison won't change his life for the better.

First time offender programs

If you have been following our blog, you know that there are ways to protect yourself from being charged with drug possession: challenging the validity of evidence, placing the burden of proof on the prosecution or verifying the illegal nature of the drugs seized. If you find that these defense tactics are unsuccessful, there is another option Florida makes available to certain individuals: the first offender program.

It's not mine! What to do if the drugs don't belong to you

Police officers rarely take people seriously when they hear the phrase, "It's not mine!" If you are charged with possession of a controlled substance that is not your own it can feel like someone pressed the mute button. Possession charges can affect your potential college, career, and family; therefore you should understand your rights within Florida law to protect your future.

Is assault and battery a felony in Florida?

Assault and battery charges are different and can mean anything from a verbal threat to harming someone with a deadly weapon. The type of charge will depend upon the severity of the injuries and are determined on a case by case basis. In Florida there are separate punishments for assault, aggravated assault, battery, and aggravated battery. Assault is typically a verbal threat whereas battery is added when the defendant is accused of making unwanted physical contact. Here are the four types broken down.

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