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Commercial truck fatalities down; injuries up. Here's why

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration, or FMCSA, recently revealed some good news about fatal trucking accidents.

In 2014, there was a 5 percent decrease in trucks involved in fatal accidents. But they also discovered a bit of bad news as well. People were injured in trucking wrecks 21percent more in 2014 than in the previous year.

But why? Various reasons could be behind the shift.

Increase in daytime driving

To begin with, more truckers are operating during daytime hours instead of the night.

It could be attributed to the restart provisions that have forced truckers to drive during the daytime.

And more commercial vehicles operating during the day means many simply can't drive speeds they could at night when less traffic is typically present. Rush hour traffic and increased congestion simply slow down the pace.

According to Dan Murray of the American Transportation Research Institute, many trucks aren't moving much more than 6 miles an hour in some parts of the day, a speed where fatal accidents usually don't happen.

Technological advancements

Recent technological advancements could also be a reason. Advancements in emergency braking, electronic stability control, and other safety features are making more accidents once fatal more survivable today, thus increasing the number of injuries.

Economic factors

Economic factors could also be a contributing factor.

Low gas prices mean more people are getting behind the wheel rather than biking, taking public transportation or carpooling. As a result, roads are more congested opening the door for more injuries to take place and less fatalities.

While fewer fatalities is good news, an increase in trucking injuries still mean that the problem is prevalent and still needs to be addressed.

In such an event, legal recourse options are available. Contacting an experience auto accident attorney to help get compensation to pay for medical bills and rehabilitation expenses that stem from the incident is vital.

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