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Drug kingpin El Chapo headed to New York?

The infamous drug kingpin El Chapo has made nationwide headlines in recent months after escaping through a tunnel from a Mexico prison last summer. His notoriety has continued since his recapture this past January.

Now, the U.S. is making attempts to get the notorious drug trafficker extradited back to America to face trial.

With cooperation from Mexican authorities, authorities predict that he'll likely end up in New York.

El Chapo, formally known as Joaquín Guzmán Loera, is said to have run the world's largest drug-trafficking organization known as the Sinaloa cartel. He faces indictments in several U.S. cities including Chicago, Manhattan and Miami.

Authorities allege that most of the drugs in question were imported into the United States with billions laundered back to Mexico through various channels.

However, law enforcement believes the cartel was the largest supplier of cocaine to New York City so his trial is likely to take place in a New York federal court-but only if Mexican officials cooperate with extradition they say.

The Mexican government agreed to begin formal extradition proceedings for Guzmán, but with conditions attached. For instance, the death penalty would be off the table for Guzmán. Mexico does not have capital punishment and has long since refused to extradite individuals to countries where such a practice is in place.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for El Chapo. He'll no doubt continue to remain in the public eye as the extradition turmoil continues and his trial location is officially determined.

Featured on Dateline, John Sutton is a veteran criminal defense lawyer and Board Certified Trial Attorney defending South Florida against serious criminal offenses.

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