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3 Ways to defend against drug charges

When you have been accused of a drug crime in Florida, you may suffer immediate and long-term consequences, even in the absence of a conviction. Being charged with a crime can be very embarrassing and can impact your personal and business reputation.

This is one of many reasons why one of your first questions when charged with a drug crime may be, "What are my defense options for fighting these charges?" Here are three possible defenses, though every case will be different and require a unique approach.

How to recognize a spinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries can result from many situations, but one of the most common is a motor vehicle accident. The force of the impact puts immense pressure on your spinal cord and, depending on the angle, can also cause your spine to twist or bend more than it should. While some spinal cord injuries are immediately discernible, others manifest in subtle ways -- especially at first -- which is why it's important to be aware of both the effects and symptoms of these injuries.

Effects of a spinal cord injury

At its most basic, a spinal cord injury interrupts the flow of information from the body's nerves to the spinal cord and the brain. The spinal cord is responsible for protecting the delicate bundles of nerves that go down the spine and branch out to the rest of the body. However, when the spinal cord is injured, those nerves can't work properly. This means that you could lose sensation and mobility in the area controlled by the damaged nerves - most often the limbs and extremities.

Evidence thrown out in felony case, all because of this one issue...

We all know that individuals facing legal charges are entitled to a defense attorney. But do we really know what they do or how beneficial they are? A recent case in the state of Washington illustrates this point.

A man was facing serious felony charges and, because the assistance of his attorney and that attorney's knowledge of the law, was able to help him significantly.

Here's how.

Commercial truck fatalities down; injuries up. Here's why

The Federal Motor Carrier Administration, or FMCSA, recently revealed some good news about fatal trucking accidents.

In 2014, there was a 5 percent decrease in trucks involved in fatal accidents. But they also discovered a bit of bad news as well. People were injured in trucking wrecks 21percent more in 2014 than in the previous year.

But why? Various reasons could be behind the shift.

Could this technological advance stop our distracted driving epidemic?

Today, we live in a technological world. Smartphones, iPads, GSP services, tracking devices-you name it-our 21st century society functions on digital devices and it's not changing anytime soon.

According to some, a new application may prove useful in combating the continued, unstoppable increase in distracted driving accidents that kill and injury innocent individuals every day.

It's being referred to as the "Textalyzer."

Speed-limiter mandate for semis delayed - again

In May of last year, a proposed new rule by both the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that would mandate installation of so-called "speed limiters" on certain commercial trucks has been delayed.

The rule was introduced in part to combat the rise in trucking accidents often caused by truckers going too fast. Today, almost a year later, the measure is still pending.

Sleep apnea screening latest push to combat trucking accidents

It doesn't take a genius to conclude that big rig trucks can cause much more damage than a passenger vehicle in the event of an auto collision.

And because of the risk, commercial vehicles and their operators are required to adhere to strict regulations to mitigate trucking accidents.

Such regulations continuously change as new revelations and safety concerns hit the industry.

Some suggest that screening for sleep apnea-a condition that causes disruptions to breathing patterns during sleep that results in extreme daytime fatigue-should be mandated for all commercial truckers.

Here's why.

Why police interrogations everywhere should be closely scrutinized

Food deprivation, lying, bullying, prohibiting restroom breaks-you name it-police have done it all in an effort to obtain a confession or information out of a suspect. But these types of interrogation methods have been deemed unreliable simply because so many have yielded false confessions.

And a new study, published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, is yet more evidence that seems to confirm this theory.

Fighting crime: Hire more police? Nope, pay offenders

In the past, authorities simply allocated more funds to staff more cops and enhance resources to cut down on crime.

However, D.C. is taking a different, more unconventional approach. Instead of using taxpayer funds to hire more police officers, they are using the money to pay offenders.

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